Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My principles, My styles and My faiths

If i tell myself: i am satisfied with my own performance, i will be probably cheating myself. Lying to myself rather than facing the real situations.

I admit that, i am some kind of competitive person,i like the feeling of being the winner. That is why i always work for the best. However, i found that i lost the feeling already, I even almost lost the faith on my own ability. The faith, which is vital for all my achievements.

Are you going to face your problems instead of staying regretful at the moment? I will take the first choice without any hesitation. The problem is: I am still looking for my problem. How it will if there is no problem on that? Impossible!!! There must be a problem waiting for me to be aware of that.

I don't like to comment much on my own plans. I will prove it with the outcomes. Staying confident and working hard all the time. My principles, my styles and my faiths.

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